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Little Shinpu-Ren Karate




June 9-30
August 4-Septembe r1
No class August 18.


Who 4-6 Years Old | Boys & Girls
Where Admin Gym

All Classes: $46
All classes additional sibling: $37

June Only: $23
August Only: $23

Deadline June 2 (deadline does not apply when registering for month only classes)

Little ones come learn KARATE! Parents/caregivers are required to accompany their children on the floor as a partner.  This is a great opportunity to help children be more successful in the class and it provides an hour of Mommy/Daddy and Me Time!  The class introduces Shinpu-Ren Karate skills including martial art activities and history, stranger (danger) awareness, self defense, forms, and Okinawan terminology.  Children will benefit from taking the class by increasing physical activity which builds confidence and agility, hand eye coordination, general attention span, social and behavioral skills, and attention to details.  This class is great for the children that are 6 soon to be 7 years old to prepare them for Shinpu-Ren Karate School.  Registration fee includes a T-shirt for the child.  T-shirt should be worn during class along with athletic pants/shorts.  Class is taught barefoot.