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Shinpu-Ren Karate School

Shinpu-Ren karate incorporates the best and most effective martial arts techniques with a focus on self-defense training. Karate is known to improve discipline, concentration, balance, self-confidence, and character. Karate includes strikes, kicks, joint locks, takedowns, sparring, grappling, kata (forms), and much more! If new to the class, learn new elements. If returning, build upon elements learned from previous month’s sessions. Class is taught barefoot. Uniform required. Tournaments are optional and tournament fees will be the responsibility of the participants. All classes are combo classes with youth and adults participating together. The school will conclude with a performance during the 2018 Annual Recital the weekend of May 5 & 6, 2018.
Not sure Shinpu-Ren Karate is for you? Drop in to one class for free. Drop-in fee is $6 after your first FREE class.


September 6-May 2
Mondays & Wednesdays

No sessions:
October 9 & 11
November 20 & 22
December 25-January 5
March 19-23


7 & Older | Male & Female

Where Rio Blanco Fairgrounds Old Exhibit Hall (OEH)
 Early Bird Cost
All Classes: $270
All classes additional sibling: $216

All classes:  $315
All classes additional sibling:  $252

By Month: $45/month

Drop-in:  $6

 Required Additional Costs Uniform (Gi): $35
 Optional Additional Costs Sparring Equip: $50
Early Bird Deadline August 29
Final Deadline for School
October 15